The Key to saving lives from Raise Partners

In the thick of the Coronavirus crisis, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the innovation team at Corona Help UK/The Key. Peter Bach, Head of Culture at The Key, was kind enough to share his reflection on the experience.

“A few weeks ago, well-known and admired humanitarian Sean Lowrie introduced us to Paola de Leo and Andy Wakefield of RAISE Partners. This was because our website-based anonymous chatbot Corona Help UK had been approved by the NHS as a data source to aid the response to the spread of Covid-19.

Our team behind Corona Help UK had worked incredibly hard to make the new technology available to the NHS, but success arrived faster than expected and we were in need of a strategy, branding and even a company name to move things forward and prepare for the opportunities ahead. The thought of this was quite daunting for my marketing colleague George Cooke and I as we had only recently ‘come up for air’ after months of intense work on the bot.

We felt quite comfortable going into our first virtual session with RAISE Partners — I had heard of Andy’s experience as a top-drawer advertising figure, and I was impressed that Paola had made that rare but handsome journey from banking to a career in the third sector.

Paola and Andy were immediately warm, and I was chuffed by their collaborative spirit. They made any distances seem non-existent and helped us cut to the chase. Andy swiftly saw us as hunter gatherers and ruminated on this a while and Paola efficiently swept up everyone’s thoughts and kept them tidy and constructive. It was an impressive induction into their way of thinking and I must admit I really liked it.

In a very short time after our first interaction, the team at RAISE Partners not only helped us expand our thinking behind Corona Help UK but they also gave us a new brand — The Key. This was the perfect name to enable us to express exactly what the brand stands for: ‘The Key to unlocking vital information for fast acting response’.

Our new brand has huge potential for powerful messaging to express our essence as a socially responsible organisation focused on providing self-reporting tools that drive effective health and wellness strategies for companies and countries.

With their assistance, we also launched our website! I can’t begin to describe how swift and thorough they were throughout all this.

I’ve been so pleased with the foundation that RAISE Partners helped us set in place. In a very short space of time they have helped us define a clear structure and sense of direction for The Key, which is precisely what we needed to give Corona Help UK the legs it needed to stand strong and proud during and after Covid-19″.

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